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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic systemic disease due to unknown cause. The external trigger like trauma, cigarette smoking or infection triggers an autoimmune system and leads to chronic joint inflammation and synovial hypertrophy including extra articular manifestations which occurs in genetically susceptible individuals. Buy Ultram online overnight if you experience sever pain due to arthritis.

How RA advances?

If the inflammation goes unchecked in RA, it may cause damage to the cartilage which is an elastic tissue covering the bones ends. Overtime, loss of cartilage occurs and the joint space between the bones decreases. The joint becomes loose, painful and unstable hence lose their mobility. Joint deformity may also occur. The joint damage is not reversible and since it can occur early, the doctor’s recommend its early diagnosis and aggressive treatment for RA control. Order Ultram online and take away best drugs from our reliable pharmacy store.

RA most commonly affects the joint of the elbows, wrists, hands, ankles and knees. The joint is symmetrical. This means that if one hand or knee is effected the other one also gets affected. Since RA may also affect other body system likes cardiovascular or respiratory system it is known as systemic disease. Systemic refers to the entire body.


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Who is affected by RA?

Around 1.5 million individuals in United States have rheumatoid arthritis. In women RA begins between ages 30 and 60. In case of men it occurs in later stages of life. If you have family member with RA, the odds of having RA increases, however, the maximum number of people with RA have no family history of the disease.

RA Causes:

The cause is not yet fully understood but the doctors are aware that some abnormal response of immune system plays the leading role in joint damage and inflammation that occurs. No cause is known as to why the immune system goes awry yet there are scientific evidences that hormones genes and environmental factors are involved. Buy Ultram online overnight if you notice severe pain because of RA.

RA Symptoms:

In the early stages, the people having RA may not notice swelling or redness initially in the joints but they may pain and tenderness. There are few symptoms which can be clues to RA such as tenderness, joint pain, stiffness or swelling for more than six weeks, small joints (certain joints of feet and hands and wrists), more than one joint get affected or the same joint is affected on both the sides of the joints. Buy Ultram online no prescription if the pain become unbearable and you will receive the order at your doorstep.

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