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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has asked that a medication manual is distributed with every prescription dealing with all prescription hypnotic drugs which are indicated for insomnia. All the instructions in the guide should be carefully read every time you take Ambien or you take new refill as it may contain new information every time. Buy Ambien online from us with fast delivery and get the most authentic drug.


Zolpidem tartrate or Ambien is indicated for the very short term treatment of sleep disorders which is mainly characterized by a problem with sleep initiation. Ambien 10mg indicates the treatment of insomnia which is described with sleep onset or sleep maintenance. It is not recommended in children younger than 18 years.

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Ambien Generic Dosage:

You should use the lowest effective dose to be on the safer side. The dose to be recommended for treatment initially is 5mg (women) and 5 or 10mg (men). The total initial dose should not be more than 10mg. Because of its fast onset of action, patients are recommended to take it before bedtime only one in the night. You should have at least seven to eight hour remaining for sleep. In the older adults and those patients with hepatic impairment, the dose should not be more than 5mg. The Ambien use should not be recommended in patients with severe hepatic impairment as it can lead to encephalopathy.

Warnings and Precautions:

Ambien is central nervous depressants. Concomitant use of other CNS depressants along with Ambien can have an additive effect on you. The examples of CNS depressants are benzodiazepines, tricyclic antidepressants, opioids or alcohol.

There is a risk of next day psychomotor problem, like impaired driving when Ambien is taken at the instance when there are less than 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Blood levels of zolpidem increase when you take a higher dose than recommended if co-administered with CNS depressants or alcohol or co-administered with other medicines. Buy Ambien 10mg online from our reliable pharmacy store with very fast delivery to your home.

After careful evaluation of the individuals, the symptomatic treatment of sleep disorder should be initiated. Patients taking Ambien may have angioedema or anaphylaxis which in rare cases is fatal. Such kinds of patients should not be rechallenged. Patients treated with sedative-hypnotics including Ambien can report abnormal thinking or behavior changes. Few of these changes include aggressiveness or extroversion, auditory or visual hallucination. Buy Ambien 10mg from your home without searching manually from store to store at cheap prices with most genuine medicine.

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